Not just a can

GT85 is a professional lubricant, water displacer, penetrating and non oily spray that contains the magic ingredient PTFE. Whatever your industry or sport, chances are GT85 will make your life easier whether it's mechanical, industrial, hobby or home use.

GT85's unique quality will ensure that once you try it, you'll be back for more.

it's GT85

even a gecko can't stick to it


for everyone

Cycle Industry, Auto Industry, Motorbike Industry, Engineering, Marine, Aircraft and Helicopter Industry, Locksmiths, Construction, Agricultural, Garden Machinery and any other industry or hobby in-between. You only need to try it once and you'll notice the difference.

The large 400ml aerosol is great value and dispenses GT85 quickly and easily making your job effortless in wet or dry conditions.

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Created as a specialist lubricant and penetrating spray to meet the demands of the motor racing industry, it was soon picked up by the cycling fraternity to protect, lubricate and clean beloved road and off road bikes.

Soon after, the Ministry of Defence workshops and leading car manufacturers chose GT85 as their preferred lubricant.

The aircraft and helicopter industry followed as word rapidly spread about this outstanding product which can benefit all types of machinery and equipment without leaving a sticky residue.

GT85 is now the spray of choice for professionals and amateurs alike and now available for the great Australian lifestyle.


what people say

A great asset around the workshop, GT85 is very versatile and makes my job quicker and easier. It's an all in one product that can loosen parts, prevent rust, is a contact cleaner and dry film lubricant, which means I don't have to buy several products. Professional, superior and reliable lubricant and great value.

Steve (W.A. Euro) Mobile Mechanic

Over 5 days, and 250km at the ICME in Alice Springs, I used GT85, my chain ran free and clean all week, with no problems, and it attracted no dust at all, despite there being ample opportunity in the loose conditions. I am now using GT85 on my whole fleet of 9 bikes, including my cyclocross bike which sees some horrendous conditions.

Greg Murison (President)
Perth MTB Club

Dealing in Professional Machinery requires professional Maintenance. Gt85 offers the confidence required when selling top end machinery to exacting customers.

The same is applied to our Trikes. We recommend purchasing a can of GT85 when you buy one of our unique and exhilarating machines to ensure the smooth running and long lasting lubrication and protection.

Mick - Fiora Machinery & Custom Trikes Australia


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